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The Four Ways You Destroy Your Blog

You’ve probably heard some of the countless tips to becoming a better blogger. And those tips, whether the writers intend to or not, will ruin your writing career. Here are some of the more painfully abstaining tips I have unearthed from the internet.

Blogging Cliche. First things first, you must write a blog post titled “How to Be A Successful Blogger” even if the blogger is a beginner who doesn’t know squat about blogging.

Write for Your Audience. This advice is excruciatingly confusing. This tip is infuriatingly confusing. Suddenly the mere prospect of writing a blog is freighting because it has to be “perfect” in every person’s eyes. . Most days I feel as volatile as the average person does. So, what I’m trying to say is write for yourself. Not only will you get rid of those butterflies, writing without a care (or a nagging critic) will karate chop that writing block.

Be Unique. Okay, so most teenagers are utterly unstable and lack a sense of who they are. Are some bloggers suggesting I only write on the days where l am thinking coherently? I’m a teenager. If I were to write on those few days where l’m emotionally stable, there‘d only be about four posts a year. Honestly, I am not excited to conceal my immature stance (as a teenager) and replace it with a faux adult persona.

Use a Wide Vocabulary. This advice should NOT apply to teenagers or anyone for that matter. Try listening to a paper written by someone who blatantly cracked open a thesaurus. Let me tell you, the author sounds far from photosynthesis. *wince* Don’t get me wrong, I always look to expand my vernacular but faking a vocabulary should just be writing sin number one.

There’s a lot of information on the web (a.k.a blogs) trying to put creative bloggers in a box. If we  all tried to conform to our audience, we’d lose the individuality that makes us interesting in the first place. Every writer has their own way of spinning their tale; Hence, you can take heed of these tips or you can develop your very own. Either way I’m glad to meet you, and welcome to my blog.


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