Childhood Pleasures

Childhood Pleasures


The New York Tragedy

Good morning New York! I wish. Last night I walked onto the stage, taking deep breaths as the stage lights lit my face. Millions of heads hushed each other as I began the play by introducing myself as “Atticus Finch.” A blast of smoke sifted across the stage and unseen shouts of “Witch” and “Demon” came from behind the curtains. Just as I’m about to say my next line, I’m awakened by the shrill, inevitable sound of kids screaming.
“Where’s the bunny? We lost the bunny!” my sister shouts. I wipe her spit off my face and groggily sit up. What a wonderful start to my day. Well, It’s unfortunate I can’t lucid dream, because then I would choose to become a star of my play again. Who says sleep lovers were procrastinators?

Once upon a time my writing mimicked clichés. Now, if I could go back in time, I would smirk at the petite girl proudly writing a whole book (with giant drawings on each page). I remember yelling to my mom as I shook my crayon smudged paper like a student receiving a college acceptance letter. I’m not a procrastinator either, I read the twilight series as a fourth grader. Reading has improved my vocabulary and helped me realize there’s a world outside my own. My brothers and I live in the middle of the woods and spend all our time together. Normally, a person would relate someone who stayed at home to a hermit. Even though I am somewhat of a recluse, having nine family members prevents me from having peaceful solitude. I’m beginning to think my four brothers drove me to becoming an introvert! Does anyone else want to sit down in a quiet atmosphere and write?

Merry Midterm Christmas

For all of you teens celebrating the Christmas break from school, kudos to you.  So today I’ll ruin the holiday cheer by reminding everyone of the elephant in the room-MIDTERMS. Yes, the one thing (studying) that we hate now is ironically the same thing we’ll be glad we did twenty years from now. Teenagers, like you and I (and the parents who are young at heart),  realize at one point or another that studying is irrevocable. And enjoying school isn’t THAT bad.

Speaking of the holidays, what magnificent things did you receive for Christmas? Did you get everything on your Christmas list? Feel free to comment below. Oddly enough, I felt guilt-ridden as the presents started accumulating to an unreasonable amount. If someone gives me a present, I want to be able to reason out why he/she gave me the present. Was I doing well in school lately and the person wanted to congratulate me on my drive? Have I been uber considerate lately? Whatever the reason may be, I’ll feel 100X better accepting the present. Perhaps I feel guilty accepting presents because I have a unabated fear of becoming a “selfish little brat”. I hear this phrase too many times for it to hurt, but when my mom snaps that I don’t care for anyone but myself I still feel a pang of hurt. Being a teenager is confusing, but add that to six siblings and you’ll find me yanking my hair.

As a holiday gift for the studious students, I’ll attach my vocab list on Quizlet for midterm studying.

P.s. the vocab will be on your SAT test. Good Luck!